About AC Lockdown Security

AC Lock DownSecurity was established because of you our customer. We ourselves were victims of a stolen AC unit at a vacant home we had for sale. We thought this was an isolated incident but then we began to understand just how serious copper/aluminum theft really is! Our Church, friends, and several companies that we do business with also became victims. At that point, we said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and went to work on a truly unique protective cage. After several months of designing the AC Lock Down Security System we began to manufacture them for ourselves, our church and close friends, little did we know we would be receiving many requests for our quality built cages. We are now building protective cages for county offices, churches, residential and commercial properties. That is how our company began.

Our family has owned and operated several successful businesses for the past 35 years so this new venture was just another project that we could GIVE IT OUR ALL! We design and fabricate our protective cages right in our manufacturing shop in Bethel, OH.

We are very proud to build an American product.