Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I purchase an AC Lockdown Cage to protect my AC / Heat pump?

Copper theft is becoming the number one crime against home owners and small business, according to Fox 19 News, and with copper prices on the rise the problem will only get worse. Insurance companies are paying claims at astronomical rates and are denying coverage to homeowners with multiple claims.

The new units contain an even greater amount of precious metals giving thieves even more of a reason to return. Total replacement could cost well over $5000.00, not to mention a rise in insurance rates.

Will AC Lockdown Cages ever rust?

All steel products will eventually show rust. Our cages feature the highest quality industrial finish and will last for many years. How many years will depend on the environment and weather conditions, sun, extreme snow and ice, rain, all affect the products' finish - for this reason we can offer no guarantee on the life of the cages finish. We do, however, offer a low cost maintenance service plan to keep your security cage looking like new.

Are AC Lockdown Security cages theft proof?

Although, AC Lockdown Security cages are fully warrantied for workmanship and material defects, no amount of protection and engineering can be guaranteed theft proof. However, we know that having a house alarm, car alarm and barking dog all help deter theft. A thief looking for a quick snatch and grab of your AC or Heat pump has far too many unprotected ones that they would likely skip the protected unit in favor of another one close by. Think of this, if there were two bicycles in front of a school and one was chained and the other was not, which do you suppose would be the first one to be stolen? The one without the chain of course. This is NOT because the chain can't be cut, because it can. It is simply because it is the path of least resistance.