Facts About Our Protective Cage

Customers protected by
AC Lockdown Security
have NEVER lost an Air Conditioning or Heat pump unit.


  • Welded 1¼" tube steel construction.
  • NO accessible bolts.
  • Standard cage is 40" x 40" inside dimension. (Custom designs available to meet any size unit or situation).
  • Industrial paint for rust protection and durability in standard black. (Custom colors available.)
  • Provides easy access for service or replacement.
  • Cages will never restrict airflow.
  • Cages are anchored (12-18 inches into concrete).
  • No direct attachment to AC unit.
  • Single lock design - the lock is encased in heavy steel that is tamper proof but easily accessible to the owner for maintenance.
  • On-site installation included with every unit sold.
Don't be mislead by other A/C - Heatpump cages. Check their specifications then call AC Lockdown Security.
Professional Installation
Made in the USA
Industrial Paint
Anchored in Concrete
1¼" 11ga Tubular Steel
Welded Latch guard
Single Lock Design